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Uniform Policy

The wearing of a school uniform has  proven to increase a student's core need of "belonging". This can have a significant impact on self-esteem, behaviour, school engagement, relationships and the learning environment. Wearing a school uniform reduces long term costs, reduces peer pressure and distractions, contributes to school spirit, assists in student identification and promotes a safer school environment.

Our school community has overwhelmingly determined that a school uniform is to be worn daily by students.

Our P & C strongly supports this policy: ‘Consistently wearing the school uniform engenders a strong sense of identity in Mullumbimby High School students'.

We express our gratitude to all parents/carers for encouraging your child's wearing of school uniform every day.


Uniform requirements

  • Students need to wear the correct uniform to school on a daily basis, and to school events and excursions unless otherwise stated on a permission note.

  • The school has a system of "swapping" clothes to support our uniform policy. If a student is identified as not wearing the correct school uniform, the school will provide the appropriate uniform for the day. At the end of the day the uniform is "swapped" back.

  • Students who attend school in unsafe or inappropriate clothing, including inappropriate footwear, will be required to stay in the office. They will be excluded from the playground and classes until arrangements can be made to change into appropriate clothing or shoes. Parents may be contacted to ensure the provision of appropriate footwear and clothing.

  • If there is a genuine reason for a child to be out of uniform on any particular day, a signed note must go to the Uniform Coordinator before school stating the student's name, the date, and the reason for not wearing correct uniform. The student will then be provided with the relevant uniform items for the day.

  • Please note if you are experiencing difficulty in providing the correct school uniform for your child, assistance may be available. Please contact the Administration Office for more information.

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